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Short description
Select/Create alternate sets of PFKeys
Long description
 CHANGEPF.DWS Add a new "SET" of PFK mappings or switch between existing Program Function Key mappings. 
When first run, the utility SetPfk creates a default "SET" of PFKey mappings.                           
You can use this utility to create other "SETS" of PFKey mappings, and switch between them.             
When run from the menu Ucmds/PFKeys, function "ChangePf" displays a screen showing                      
all the available "SETS" (called modes) of PFKeys mappings as radio buttons, and in addition has 3 extra
1) Copy - Creates a new "SET" of mappings, identical to the current "SET".                              
2) Edit - Allows you to edit the currently selected "SET" of PFKey mappings via utility EditPfk.        
3) Exit - Exits from the utility.                                                                       
Some users find it usefull to program the PFKeys differently, depending on which APL application        
they are currently developing.                                                                          
When I am developing an application using Causeway, I like to have a pfkey set up to list all           
the Causeway screen variables starting with dbx_.                                                       
However, when developing code to write HTML, I like to set pfkeys up to produce standard HTML tags.     
Thus I have two "SETS" of pfkes, one for use with Causeway, and the other for use with HTML. This       
utility allows me to switch between them.                                                               

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