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Short description
Compare two DWSs
Long description
DWSCOMP.DWS Compare two workspaces held on .DWS files.                                          
When selected from the COMBO, DWSCOMP prompts you for the names of two .DWS files.              
It then performes a comparision on them at the root namespace level.                            
The result is four sets of object names listed in the session log under the following headings:-
"Same in both ws", "Only in ws <1st WSID>", "Only in ws <2nd WSID>" and "In both but different" 
Example (output actually truncated):-                                                           
 Running DwsComp "se" "explore"                                                                
================Comparing workspace "explore" with workspace "se"================               
Same in both ws                                                                                 
DEB ErrCode Fexist SelectDll Win_msg                                                            
Only in ws explore                                                                              
getall CheckLhs FindWsid QuadNL SelectFromListOld SortVec                                       
getallfns CheckRhs GetItems Refresh SelectTree SortWho                                          
ChangeWidth Expns PutTemp SelectFromList SortType                                               
Only in ws se                                                                                   
lx BuildUcmdAdd Example In PutRegString SetPW Value2Item                               
BuildUcmds DISPLAY GetRegKeyValue PutRegKeyValue SelDrop UcmdPath                               
In both but different                                                                           

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