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Short description
Explore the current workspace Plus 
Long description
EXPLORE.DWS Explore the current workspace PLUS                                             
Allows multiple workspaces to be copied into multiple temporary namespaces                 
for the APL developer to browse, compare, copy and edit.                                   
File Options:-                                                                             
 New :- Creates a new namespace.                                                           
 Open :- Creates a new namespace and copies a workspace from file into it.                 
 Close :- Erases a namespace created via Open or Sync.                                     
 Sync :- As Open, but only copies in functions with matching names.                        
 Exit :- Close all temporary namespaces and exit Explore Plus.                             
Edit Options:-                                                                             
 Edit :- Edit all the selected functions                                                   
 Find :- Search a selected namespace for Criteria using utility "EZ"                       
 Copy :- Put all the selected objects into temp storage. (See utility "GetAll" to retrieve)
View Options:-                                                                             
 Sort by... :- Sort items displayed by selected sort criteria                              
 Show all :- Show all objects in the namespaces                                            
 Show only ... :- Show only objects of type (Functions, varaibles etc) selected            
Highlighted Options (Either Top or Bottom Window):-                                        
 Select All :- Selects (highlights) all objects on view                                    
 View only highlighted :- Show only the highlighted objects.                               
 Calling tree:- Highlights all fns in the calling tree of the selected object              
Compare Options:-                                                                          
 Compare selected objects:- compares pairwise objects matching selected objects            
 Compare 2 selected:- compares any 2 selected objects (names may differ)                   
 Compare differing objects:- which have the same names                                     
Utilities Options:-                                                                        
 Add a Time Stamp:- Add a Time Stamp into all the selected functions via utility "AddTs"   
 Sort Header:- Sort local names in header line of all the selected functions.              
Help Options:-                                                                             
 Information on Explore:- Displays this simple help text.                                  
 About Explore+:- Displays copyright and version information.                              

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