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Short description
Quick display/edit of fns contining selected char string.
Long description
         EZ fn/operator search and edit               
This utility will search all functions and operators  
in the current workspace and its children for the     
character string under the cursor. Then it offers     
the user the list of functions containing the string, 
allowing the user to:                                 
  1. edit any or all the objects found,               
  2. refine the search with a further string, or      
  3. quit.                                            
Original code courtesy of doc Manges, as published in 
    "The APL Planet", Vol 6 No 1, April 1998          
Adjusted, tweaked, etc. by Bob Hoekstra               
24/12/98: Adjusted the progress bar so that it is     
          "emulated" if using Dyalog APL version 7.x  
6/1/99:   Added a quit button and put accelerators on 
          all buttons.                                
12/1/99:  Added memory for previous searches and drop-
          down combo to maintain a selection.         

Latest revision of workspace: 1999-01-18T11:10:22Z.

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