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Short description
Recall all items "Remembered".
Long description
RECALL.DWS   Retrieve objects from Long Term storage               
UCMD utilities support two types of "inter-workspace storage" :-   
                 "Short" and "Long"                                
The menuitem "Recall" retrieve previsouly "Memorized" objects from 
the long term storage area, and makes copies of them in the current
(at the time of calling) namespace.                                
"Recall" does NOT remove objects from the long term storage area,  
use "Forget" to perform this task.                                 
The "Recall" process will erase any object already held in the     
short term storage area.                                           
Long Term storage is implemented via an external variable held on a
file called "SaveTemp.dxv" located in your tempoary directory.     
Related commands :-                                                
 SHORT "GetAll" "ListGot" "Put" and "PutTree"                      
 LONG  "Forget" "Memorized" "Recall" and "Store current object"    

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