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There is a complete index for Vector on this site. It can be downloaded as a zipped text file (approx 18K), or you can search it online...

How to use the search engine
The search field will find a simple string (which may include blanks) anywhere in the index text. A simple example would be “strings” which should give the result:

  1. Sykes, Alan Doing Useful Things with Strings Vol 6.4, 24
  2. Sykes, Alan Searching for Strings in Strings Vol 7.2, 27

If you are studying “extended integers” ...

  1. Burke, Chris The J DLL and Extended Integers Vol 13.1, 149
  2. Hui, Roger Extended Integers in J Vol 13.2, 154
  3. McDonnell, Eugene At Play With J: Extended Integers Vol 13.3, 127

The result gives the author, the title, volume, number and page number of all articles found. Note that the search is case-independent.

Search the VECTOR Archive

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(Hint, to see contents of Vol 4, No 2 try searching for Vol 4.2)

Back issues of VECTOR are available.

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